Radame Gallo Obituary, Man stabbed to death in south Louisville - Death

Radame Gallo Obituary, Man stabbed To Death in South Louisville – Death

Radame Gallo Death Obituary – It has been established beyond a reasonable doubt that the man who was fatally stabbed on Friday evening in the south end of Louisville was the same individual who the coroner’s office identified as the person who had been the target of the assault. This was the man who had been identified as the person who had been the target of the assault by the coroner’s office. The incident took place late on a Friday night around dusk time. Radame Gallo, 48 years old, tragically passed away on Friday evening at 9:45 p.m. after being attacked with a knife and getting several stab wounds as a result of the incident. Radame Gallo’s passing came as a shock to everyone.

Before Radame was pronounced dead, he had been a patient in the hospital for a considerable amount of time prior to his passing. The Louisville Metro Police Department believes that the incident took place close to the intersection of National Turnpike and the 7000 block of Southside Drive. This conclusion is based on the information that has been gathered, which suggests that the intersection was the likely location of the crime. When they got at the scene, it was immediately evident to everyone that the terrible occurrence that had taken place had left Gallo with serious injuries. The injuries that Gallo sustained were instantly obvious to everyone.

At the University of Louisville Hospital, where he was evaluated and treated after being carried there from the location where the conflict took place, it was determined that Gallo’s injuries were fatal. Prior to arriving at the hospital, he was carried from the location where the conflict took place. After arriving at the hospital, Gallo had to be transported there from the scene of the fight since he was in critical condition. Gallo was unable to fight off the effects of his injuries and consequently passed away. Before he died away, he had “several injuries related with sharp force,” as the autopsy revealed, according to the findings of the examination into the contents of his corpse, which demonstrated that he had undergone an autopsy.

This was uncovered after he had already passed away before anyone could do anything about it. This argument was made quite plain in the aforementioned paper, so there should be no confusion about it. There are not at this time any possible suspects in the crime, as stated by the Homicide Section of the Los Angeles Police Department (LMPD), which is in charge of the inquiry. The Los Mochis Police Department was the source of this information. At this time, the investigation is being carried out.

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